Welcome to my website!

Happy Friday! Wahoo!!

Hello everyone and welcome to my new website and Blog!
Thank you so much for visiting. There will be a new blog post every Friday.
I will be talking about books that I have read and authors that I like. Also, movies and entertainment in general. What I will not be doing is critiquing other writers. That is not my thing. If I read a book and don’t happen to like it, I will keep that to myself.  I would like to take this time to thank the people at Media Vandals (Dallas, Shelia) who did a fantastic job of inspiring me to think about all aspects of the website and guiding me through this process. Also, Ian at Shopify, who did a great job of guiding me through the more technical aspects of the site. The people at Media Vandals and Shopify were always willing to answer my questions whether it was through email or video conference. William Heavey of Bold Fox Designs not only designed the book covers and t-shirts but also helpedby supplying images for the website. Would also like to thank Dave Reid for technical help and posting things on Facebook and Instagram for me. I am a not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to computers, so I needed all their help a lot. Cindy Abbott at Staples for doing a great job with the t-shirts. Also like to thank Melanie Spurio for her love and support. Thanks everyone!!!

Take Care.



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