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Happy Friday Everyone! Wahoo!!!

I hope you all have something interesting to do this weekend.

I saw a headline just over a week ago and it really grabbed my attention. Here it is:Tik Tok CEO Zhang Yiming Resigns with a $44 Billion Fortune so he can quote, "Read More Books and Daydream." 

It's amazing what some people will give up to read more. I remember when I lived in Toronto riding on the streetcar every morning and spending the entire trip reading a book. And if I was really into a particular part of the book I would sometimes miss my stop. Same thing on the subway, looking up to see I'd gone past my station. That's when I knew I had totally blocked out the outside world. Glorious. I once gave up an entire weekend to read the final Harry Potter book because I didn't want anyone to spoil it for me. I picked up the book on a Friday night at midnight and read it, mostly in Dufferin Grove Park, until I finished it on Sunday at around 8pm. It is truly bizarre and sad that some people were desperate to find out what happened at the end so they could ruin it for everyone.  

I recently bought a book called 'Murder at the Fitzwilliam' by Jim Eldridge. 'Detective Inspector Daniel Wilson is now retired. Known for his intelligence, investigative skills, and most of all his discretion, he's often consulted when a case must be solved quickly and quietly. So when a body is found in the Egyptian Collection of the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, Wilson is called in.' I'm looking forward to this one. I'm guessing a lot of museums are super creepy at night.

That is something to think about. What is one of your favourite places to be and what if someone wrote a book that takes place there? School? Zoo? Carnival? Auction? Movie theatre? I read a thriller once that took place in a zoo and it was awesome. The book is called Fierce Kingdom by Gin Phillips. 

Have a great weekend!!





I'm waiting for it to show up in the mail. They said it would be delivered by June 8th, so I'm looking forward to that of course. 




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