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Hello Everyone and Happy Friday! Wahoo!!

I hope you have something great planned for the weekend, or maybe just chilling out. Both are good.

So last week I talked about starting to write a short story, book or whatever you felt like. Well, maybe you would like to know (and you might already) there a lot of mystery books with the main character doing a certain job or profession as well as solving murders. Do you like making quilts? There is a mystery series about a quilter(s) who solve murders? Renovate houses? Yup, there is a series of murder mysteries about that as well. Here are some more: coffee shop owner, B&B owner, librarian, book restorer, baker etc…Think about your hobby or profession. Now, if you were to write a mystery, you would know things about it that a lot of other people would not. And you could sprinkle in enough details about your job to make it sound more authentic. You could use things that happened at your job to weave into the plot. More credibility. But be careful because people might recognize themselves or the situation. When I wrote the first Dispatch Rider book, I knew a little bit about motorcycles. I owned a motorcycle at the time. There were details about Dispatch Riders that I had picked up over the years, plus a few tidbits about World War Two. I was not, by any stretch of the imagination, an expert on any of those subjects. Was I successful incorporating these things? Depends on who you ask. Ha!

I was trying to figure out what to read recently and I remembered a series of books by Steve Hamilton. Alex McKnight is the main character of the series. The first book was published in 1998 (A Cold Day in Paradise) and the most recent book (Dead Man Running) was in 2018.  A total of twelve so far. Alex McKnight is a former Detroit policeman who quits the force after his partner is killed and he is almost killed as well. He moves to the small town of Paradise, Michigan and into a cabin. Well, Mr. McKnight can’t escape his past and the tentacles of crime reach him, even in a small town. I had forgotten about this great series because I read one book after another and have a poor memory. Well, I just read the latest Alex McKnight and I loved it. Think about some of the authors you haven’t read in awhile. If they’re still writing, you might be pleasantly surprised by a new book from the author!

Have a great weekend!!




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