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Hello Everyone and Happy Friday! Wahoo!

Perhaps this would be a good time for you write that short story or even start writing your first novel. A lot of people tell me they would like to write a book one day, well maybe today is the day! You could start by describing this past year and how it affected your life and the people around you. Or perhaps this pandemic has changed how you look at things and what you want to do when this is all over. Change jobs? Quit your job? Get a job? Travel to Italy, France, or Alaska and write about that. How cool would it be to live in Paris for two or three months? Write about that. Well, my first book was about a motorcycle trip. It was called Two Wheels, Two Countries, One Dream. Why did I write that book? Well, I had realized that being an actor wasn’t my calling. So, what else could I do? Well, in my case I got a motorcycle licence, a motorcycle and after the trial-and-error of learning how to ride it, I went on a huge trip. And every day on that trip I kept a journal which turned into a book. Of course, you don’t have to do all that just to write a book. For me though it helped to write a non-fiction book first. It gave me the confidence to write fiction.

You could take a creative writing course either online or in person when this is over. I took part-time courses while still working my full-time job and it was great. My point is (and I do have one) is that if you have always had an urge to become a writer; do it! And no, you do not have to quit your job, move or anything else you deem too drastic. Do it as a hobby perhaps? Think about it at least.

Have a fantastic weekend!!!


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