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Friday April 30th 2021


How are ya? Doing great, I hope. If you have some fun plans for the weekend, lucky you!

I'd like to talk about a couple of Young Adult or YA series of books that I like. The first is by a Canadian writer Shane Peacock. I happen to really like the fictional character of Sherlock Holmes created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, whether in book form or movies. Shane Peacock has written a six-book series about Sherlock Holmes. The time span being from when he was thirteen years old to almost seventeen years old. Before young Sherlock became the world-famous detective. The author entertainingly details how at such an early age Sherlock had an aptitude for deduction. Also, his description of old London is so good, you can imagine the foul air, dirt, poverty and just the sense of what it was like in that great city in the 1800’s. Those books won so many accolades, awards and was on the short lists for prizes that I wouldn’t even attempt to list them all here. All I can say is, if you like Sherlock Holmes, mysteries and want to read some great back story novels on him please read this series. And if you like those, there are more YA books about young Sherlock Holmes by other authors as well. Enjoy!

The second YA series is a bit of a twist on the Sherlock Holmes theme. This series, by author Nancy Springer, is about Sherlock Holmes having a much younger sister. Her name is Enola Holmes. She is the main character, but Sherlock and Mycroft do appear in it from time to time. I’ll just say, no big surprise, that Enola Holmes has her famous brother’s knack for solving crimes. The first book starts when Enola is fourteen years old, as she finds out that her mother has gone missing. Like Shane Peacock, Nancy Springer has won too many awards and accolades to list. There is a new Enola Holmes mystery arriving in bookstores on August 31st. Enjoy!

I read both series as an adult and thoroughly enjoyed them.

Have a great weekend!





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